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Meet The Founders

GAME ON® by Lure® revolutionizes the practice of cupping therapy, ushering the ancient modality into the 21st century with easy-to-use, multi-tasking cupping systems.

Lure disrupted the market with first ever cupping kits for DIY self-care which allowed consumers to take back control of their own health and wellbeing. Athletes and trainers alike have already come to rely on Lure’s innovative cupping kits, and this was our motivation to engineer a new performance-enhancing line of recovery tools for athletes of all pursuits.

The new GAME ON brand was born for the benefit of professional and everyday athletes to help enhance athletic performance from competition to recovery. Whatever your pain, whatever your passion, GAME ON stands alone as a pioneer in the field of cupping therapy specifically for athletes and delivers relief through innovation.

Whether you’re courtside or poolside, a professional athlete or a weekend softball enthusiast, cupping therapy can advance your athletic output. Discover a functional, accessible and effective modality to transform your mobility, performance and recovery.

We invite you to join the GetCupped® movement, and see what’s possible!