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JOLT™ Cupping Therapy Set

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JOLT Cupping Set

Customer Reviews

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JOLT™ Cupping Therapy Set

Love these

Have had serious shoulder soreness after throwing sessions and these cups have been a great way to speed up recovery!

These Cups are Everything!

Need to release your IT Band? Your Peroneal muscles? Stubborn hard to release areas around your knee? (I'm talking to you VMO and Pes Anserine). These. Just buy them. You won't regret it. They will make your muscle scream bloody murder and sigh from the pain relief at the same time. Just do it!

Tight muscle relief

Physical therapist used cups on me for great relief, so ordered some for myself. Whenever my shoulder muscles tighten up I just attach a cup and within minutes they release.

Works well, but not my main set of cups

I find that this well-functioning set of cups works best on small, uneven areas of the body, such as encircling the knee joint. However, I don't think they are best for all areas because of their small size. So for me, I still need the larger cups from my other sets most of the time. Also, it's not as easy to adjust the amount of suction with this set as you can with pump cupping sets.But, don't get me wrong; whether these will be your first set of cups or an addition to your collection of cups, they are very useful.If, like me, you're not a "professional," it's good to remember that cupping therapy is an ancient home remedy. My daughter and I learned cupping from a man from the "old country." Cupping therapy is easy and beneficial. The company, LURE, has good literature and videos, if you need guidance.

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JOLT™ Cupping Therapy Set
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